As a charitable organisation, UKPHA’s work is funded by donations from the community and occasional grants. Volunteers from different backgrounds make our projects happen.


Help us help you

We depend on our supporters to donate vital time and money to enable our work to continue. Help us to care for our heritage so that it can inspire people of all ages.

UKPHA First steps

First steps

Connect and share

We rely on champions like you to spread the word about our work. So the best place to start is by keeping up with the latest news and events by subscribing to our social media partner’s free monthly newsletter here.

You can also get a regular dose of news about Punjab’s heritage & history by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook. If you like what you see, take the time to tell your friends and family about us.

Attend our events

We would love to meet you at our future events such as exhibitions, presentations or talks. Come and learn more about specific topics that interest you and meet like-minded people.

Volunteer with us

Volunteering your time is a great way to help us to deliver our projects whilst being actively involved in our work. Whether you are a student with time free over the summer (and would appreciate an internship reference from an established organisation) or can give up a few hours of time on an ongoing basis, contact us to discuss the opportunities.

support UKPHA financially

Support financially

Shop online

We work closely with Kashi House, a not-for-profit social enterprise that publishes specialist heritage literature and prints. All of their products are exclusive and often of limited availability.

They take great pride and care in creating new products that reveal hidden histories, share early and rare images, and bring to light different aspects of our rich cultural heritage.

All proceeds from book and print sales are reinvested in future collaborations with UKPHA. Visit their shop if you want help building your library or to decorate your home with beautiful art prints. Their products also make for great gifts to friends, family & work colleagues.

If you want to give a little, but regularly, sign up to our Friends Scheme and donate anything from £8 per month. With enough Friends donating regularly, this scheme can become a significant source of funding for our work.

One-off donations for any amount are also gratefully accepted.

Support UKPHA in kind

Support in-kind

Share resources

We welcome donations in-kind, so if you run a print business, or retail computers or video/photographic equipment, these and other such services can help us with our production and equipment costs.

If you have anything old, interesting and Sikh or Punjab-related that you can’t look after or want to share with the world, e.g.

photographs · paintings · drawings · books · manuscripts · letters · postcards · maps · coins · newspapers · archive film footage · early audio recordings

then let us know and we’ll arrange storage, conservation and research so that it can be enjoyed by a global audience for generations to come.

We are constantly looking to meet collectors of art and heritage so that we can showcase your objects in future exhibitions and publications. Please contact us with details.

Share expertise

We welcome collaboration and we are always on the lookout for expert contributors, both professional and amateur.

We want to be a platform bringing together like-minded people with a love of our common heritage, to share and learn together. If you are passionate and willing to share, let’s work together. Please contact us with details.

Sponsor UKPHA


Become a sponsor

All our major projects rely on the generosity of one or more sponsors, individuals who step up to the plate and really help to make things happen.

They can be from all walks of life but their common characteristic is that they are passionate about their cultural heritage. They see the value in our work and want to make a difference in the world.

Typical sponsorship amounts are from hundreds of pounds to several thousands and even tens of thousands.

We offer a range of benefits for sponsors, from complimentary copies of our publications to credits in our work and even advertising opportunities at major events.

If you want to become a sponsor, please contact us now to discuss the opportunities.